Montag, 24. September 2012

Neues von As I Lay Dying, Chad Gilbert, No Use For A Name und Samiam

As I Lay Dying streamen nun ihr komplettes neues Album "Awakened" via AOL. Das Album erscheint am 25. September und wurde von Bill Stevenson produziert.

Chad Gilbert von New Found Glory hat mit Violently Happy Records ein eigenes Label ins Leben gerufen, das als Bridge-9-Imprint fungiert. Das erste Release soll eine EP von Candy Hearts sein, die am 6. November erscheinen wird. Gilbert zum Label-Namen:
"Why the name Violently Happy? Well, my favorite singer of all time is Bjork and that happens to be a Bjork song, but it fit for the label because anyone that knows my music background knows I've had a diverse career from starting in hardcore music to pop punk. I intend to do that with my label, too; releasing music I believe in regardless of the genre. Violent or happy music!"
In einem Video kann man sich nun anschauen, wie No Use For A Name im Juni in Montreal den Song "Biggest Lie" gespielt haben. Ihr findet das Video unter "weiterlesen". Es war der letzte Auftritt mit Frontmann Tony Sly, der wenig später verstorben ist.

Samiam haben Demos der Recording-Sessions zu "Clumsy" und "You Are Freaking Me Out" auf ihrem Bandcamp veröffentlicht. Frontmann Sergie Loobkoff dazu:
"I [discovered some] demos and stuff for [two] Samiam records. I guess that isn't stupendously interesting, but within them were six songs I only the vaguest memory of writing, rehearsing or recording. lost songs from the decade before last, I emailed them to the other guys (of that era) and they didn't remember either. I'm sure it's 17 years ago...but you'd think we would go, "oh yeah that shitty song....' They aren't that great quality, but one of the Clumsy songs (called "Issues') was an actual studio song from that session, unmixed and discarded...similar to the song, "I want more' that went on our Orphan Works compilation record. Then there is a 'YAFMO' rehearsal room recording (called 'lie to me') that is better than most of the songs that went on that record. stuff like this isn't going to win fans...but I think samiam peoples would love to's a wierd thing to uncover."