Freitag, 9. August 2013

Artwork und Details zum neuen Less Than Jake-Album

Wir hatten ja schon berichtet, dass Less Than Jake wieder bei Fat Wreck sind und dort am 12. November ihr neues Album veröffentlichen werden. Jetzt gibt es das Artwork zur Platte - und ein paar Statements der Band.
So kommentiert etwa Buddy Schaub die Tatsache, dass die Scheibe vom Bassisten Roger produziert wurde, folgendermaßen:
"Our bass player Roger has been recording our demos since the beginning of the band and steadily has worked his way up, learning about studios from everyone we've worked with in the past. He even co-produced our last full length record GNV/FLA, but this time it was finally just the five of us in his studio, The Moathouse, and I think it is one of the closest representations of our band to date."
Roger selobst hingegen hat sich schon mal zum Sound von "See The Light" geäußert: "Do you like punchy vocals, blaring horns, big guitars, bass and drums? Well, that's just what we do!  If you're expecting retreads and repeats, this record will disappoint. It’s all new songs and new vibes, only recorded in our old school way."