Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

The Word Alive: Neues Album, neues Video

The Word Alive bringen 06.06.2014 mit "Real" ihr neues Studioalbum auf Fearless Records heraus. Das Lyric-Video zu der ab sofort käuflich zur erwerbenden Single "Play The Victim" ist jetzt online, das Statement von Sänger Telle Smith liest sich wie folgt:
"With the upcoming release of our third full-length record we wanted to release a song that showcased our overall growth as a band. 'Play The Victim' was our personal choice. It has elements from our early days as well as the progression we've strived for with every release. We never want to release the same song twice, and we feel it stands on it's own.... Lyrically the song is about the fact that so many people hurt the people they love, only to complain about it or their life. Some people just live for negativity and I see so much of it these days. We'll be playing it on our upcoming UK run with our boys in Memphis May Fire so make sure you learn the words!"