Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2016

The Sainte Catherines – Dancing for Decadence 10-Year Anniversary

Zum zehnjährigen Jubiläum bringt Fat Wreck eine Neuauflage des The Sainte Catherines-Albums "Dancing for Decadence" heraus. Dabei ist auch ein Download-Code für diverse Demos. Hugo Mudie von den The Sainte Catherines sagt zur Neuauflage:
This is THE album that we are proud of and that we are remembered for. We wanted to do a pissed off record about what we discovered through the years about the punk rock scene. It was really a “fuck you” album and then it became our most popular one, which is kind of funny. Here in Québec, Fat Wreck is very respected and Fat Mike is like God. People couldn’t understand that a band from Québec were now part of that. It was funny to us, cuz we come from a very different place, more of a DIY, old school, squat scene. For us it was new and weird to see the sea of Lagwagon t-shirts at our shows right after the release was announced. But believe me, we loved every second of it. We had fun with it and we are very grateful to have been part of it for a little while. Playing those songs again live will be amazing! It’s gonna bring me back to a time where nothing else in the world existed. It was me and the boys against the world and this was the soundtrack. We were hungry and angry and better looking. We were high on drugs and low on cash, but damn it was fun. I would do it all over again. That’s pretty much what we’ll do this summer playing the album front to back. High on love and not as low on cash… with our kids waiting at home…