Montag, 25. Juni 2012

Jack White über Vinyl und Dexter Holland über Nitro

Jack White (The White Stripes) befindet sich derzeit auf seiner ersten Solotour. In Nashville hat White ein eigenes Label namens Third Man Records - und presst fleißig Vinyl. Warum ihn dieses Format noch immer begeistert, hat er der BBC erzählt.

Dexter Holland (The Offspring) hat mit OC Weekly über sein Label Nitro Records gesprochen. Die letzte Veröffentlichung hierauf war "Career Suicide" von A Wilhelm Scream (2007). Holland:
The record business is obviously not quite what it used to be. It is mostly a catalog label now where I feel really fortunate to have been able to put out all these records. When I first started, it was by being friends with members of Guttermouth. I saw them play and I know people would like them outside Orange County. Luckily, I had the means to get distribution deals. It was really gratifying to help bands like Guttermouth, and The Vandals. AFI was a really special case where nobody knew who the band was and we actually stayed together for five records and they did really well. A lot of great memories. If the right thing came along I would definitely do something again. We are what I would call a semi-active label.