Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

Bracket: "Lost" Album kann vorbestellt werden

Eigentlich wollten Bracket "Like You Know" im Jahr 1996 rausbringen, aber dann kam alles anders - die Band unterschrieb bei Fat Wreck und das eigentlich fertige Album wurde zurück ins Archiv gestellt. Bis jetzt - ab sofort kann "Like You Know" nämlich vorbestellt werden. Das Geld, das dadurch reinkommt, will man in ein komplett neues Album stecken, das Statement der Band dazu und den Link zur Preorder findet ihr nach Klick auf "Weiterlesen".

"Finished in 1996, only to be shelved...until 2013. Known as the "lost" Bracket album, many of these songs appeared on compilations in the late 90's and early 00's. Some songs appeared on the fat release, "E is For Everything", with different mixes. This is the first time they have been released together, with original sequencing, mixes, and album cover. It was an important album for our growth, and hinted at later experimentation and deviation from the confines of "pop-punk".

in 2013, with the recording and mixing of the first new Bracket album in 7 years underway, we have solidified plans to promote and release our new music on our own. This digital release of "Like You Know" is the first of three projects we plan to release digitally to help fund the new album. Every download will directly help keep our new music from sitting around for another 17 years. THANKS! We appreciate/love/need your support!

-Marty, Zack, Angelo, and Ray"

Vorbestellt werden kann hier.