Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Neues Album von Old Man Markley im März

"Down Side Up", das neue Album von Old Man Markley, wird am 5. März 2013 via Fat Wreck erscheinen. Das Label schreibt zur Platte: "The songs on “Down Side Up” are the result of a wonderful confluence of things: of touring for years and waking up together in cities across the world, of discovering new worlds while still missing home, of stories that we’ve wanted to tell for ages, of melodies that permeated our minds and then soundchecks, and of songs that took shape and life truly as a collaboration between band members. Fat Mike and Johnny worked closely with the band to produce what we think is the best album we’ve ever been a part of."
Für alle, die die Band noch nciht kennen, gibt es hier auch nochmal das Video zum vor zwei Jahren veröffentlichten "For Better, For Worse".