Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013

Details zum neuen Album von Modern Life Is War

Deathwish hat Details zum neuen Album der reformierten Modern Life Is War veröffentlicht. Die Scheibe wird "Fever Hunting" heißen und ab dem 3. September 2013 verfügbar sein. Aufgenommen hat Kurt Ballou in den God City Studios (Converge, etc), das Mastering stammt von Brad Boatwright. Das Label schreibt: ""Fever Hunting" is Modern Life is War's triumphant 2013 return to form with original lineup of Chris Honeck, Matt Hoffman, Jeffrey Eaton, Tyler Oleson and John Eich in place. A true story of their collective coming of age, "Fever Hunting" plays and reads as an open diary of their last five years. Exposing every frayed nerve and internal struggle that it's creators carried deep within their hearts. Impassioned, embattled, and forever resilient to the world outside."