Donnerstag, 10. Juli 2014

Mixtapes kündigen Pause an

Via Facebook haben Mixtapes angekündigt, nach der Show bei the Fets erstmal eine längere Pause einzulegen. Die Band schreibt:

"Hi everyone! How are you doing? We don't wanna get all sappy but we have some bad/good news.

After Fest this fall, Mixtapes is gonna go on a break. We're not breaking up for good--eventually we want to play as Mixtapes again--but as of now we're not sure the next time that will be....

Nothing drastic has happened--just because of life, and personal reasons, we all have reached a point where we feel like we need to go off on our own for a while. We still love playing in the band! but especially because of the way our band has always been... Because we started solely as an outlet for things going on in our lives, and because we've always prided ourselves on being genuine, we feel like it would be wrong to continue. We feel like a lot of bands reach a point like this and choose to continue and make bad records because of it. We don't wanna be that band!

We can never properly thank you within this thing. But we want to thank all our "fans" (friends) who've always stuck with us and have gotten what we were about, or just liked our music, or anything else... It's made us feel way less alone knowing you were there and we're so glad to have gotten to hang out together. Also to anyone who has supported us over the years because of punk or just because you're friendly. We never would've been able to do any of this if it weren't for you and we're still amazed that any of it happened at all.

If you want to see us before Fest, we still have a few shows to announce for the fall. We also have special stuff planned for Fest so if you can, you should definitely make it down there for that! We can't fucking wait to hang out with everyone.

See you soon.