Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2015

Propagandhi: Job-Angebot

Propagandhi haben eine Stellenanzeige geschaltet - sie suchen nämlich einen neuen Gitarristen. Konkrett heißt es:


hey people! well, the day we have been in denial about for years has finally arrived and starting this September (2015), our beloved Beaver won’t be able to join us on the road to melt faces with his 6 string stack attack anymore. it is a sad reality, but let’s turn these frowns upside down and whip this into an exciting opportunity!...

Do you play guitar? Are you familiar with our music? Have you felt like you’ve been living in a dingbat-clown-idiot society since you were a little kid and always hoped your real parents from Rigel 7 would come rescue you? Well, then get at us ASAP! Women are strongly encouraged to apply!

Hit us up at

Operators are standing by!