Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2022

Fat Mike mit neuem Podcast

Auch Fat Mike geht unter die regelmäßigen Podcaster – auf den üblichen Streaming-Plattformen findet man ab sofort „Fat Mikes Fat Mic“. Und nach dem ersten Gast musste er auch nicht lange suchen. Fat Wreck schreibt:
“Fat Mike might be best known for being the singer-songwriter in seminal punk band NOFX, but he’s more interested in being known for his new podcast: Fat Mikes Fat Mic. Every Tuesday, a new episode will be available featuring insightful conversations with musicians, athletes, actors, and more. The first episode kicked off with Eric Melvin of NOFX. Melvin discusses everything from being a life coach (yes, you can book a session with him) to his weird toe. Then we explore Cobra Kai with Gary Ousdahl, who is a good sport in being a guest when Fatty is stood up. The third episode features Talli Osbourne, who is best known to NOFX fans as “She’s Nubs.” Folks get an inside look into Talli’s childhood, her TEDx Talk, and so much more.”