Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2020

The Ghost Inside: "Pressure Point“

The Ghost Inside kündigten kürzlich ein neues Studioalbum für den 5. Juni via Epitaph an. Nach "Aftermath"  folgt mit "Pressure Point“ nun ein weiterer Track samt Lyric-Video.
Bassist Jim Riley kommentiert den Song:
“Almost all TGI songs take the listener on a journey from dark to light or from despair to hope. On this record we made a conscious effort to let individual songs explore different emotions we’ve been experiencing and not force them to have a positive turn. We feel like the album as a whole will give you that hopeful feeling, even though a song like ‘Pressure Point; might not do that by itself. Instead we embraced being pissed off and let it pour out through some of the most aggressive and pointed lyrics we’ve ever had. We try to avoid cursing in our songs but sometimes you’re just so fed up that nothing less than a big loud fuck will get the job done.“