Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

Mad Sin feuern Matt Voodoo - wegen Voice Of Germany

Doppeltes Pech für Matt Voodoo: Da macht er bei der Casting-Show Voice Of Germany mit - und fliegt sofort raus. Und weil seine Band - niemand geringeres als Mad Sin - wahrscheinlich ebenso viel von Castingshows hält wie Leser dieses Magazins, verliert er seinen Job bei Köfte und Co auch noch. Mad Sin haben zum Rausschmiss ein ausführliches Statement online gestellt, das bei einem Klick auf "Weiterlesen" zu finden ist.

Hey guys!

Unfortunately we have to announce, that Matt Voodoo as from this moment on is no longer a fixed member of MAD SIN.

The reason for this is, in short:

Matt surpised all of us last week with the news, that he auditioned in the german TV-Castingshow "The Voice Of Germany" and that his performance also most likely would be aired. Needless to say, any kind of such TV programs clash hardly with the self-conception of MAD SIN, to anyone who knows and follows us this is absolutely clear.

We create and play the music we like, and the way we like it, and refuse to be reprimanded by any sort of jury, no matter who may be part of that.

Of course we wouldn't (and couldn't) want to dictate Matt what to do and what he shouldn't. His decision to take part in this kind of TV format is one thing. But NOT to include his Band into his plans of pursuing this, just in order to get an opinion, and how to keep the band out of it, is something else.

More or less, he appeared also under our "label". Simultaneously to his "confession", our label "People like you Rec" had been asked by the production company, to send over a promo picture of the band to appear in the episode Matt is involved. Probably to present him as a band member. We instantly requested NOT be any part of this. But since in doubt, there's no legal way to prevent this from happening.

We had to let this whole story settle first, and spent all weekend getting our anger out and get our brains back to rational. By the end of the day it's clear, Matt doesn't feel as tied to the band as we all thought. Maybe his role in the band does not satisfy him. Who knows. Otherwise he most likely would have consulted the rest of the band regarding what's going on.

Matt pursues his Solo Carreer, since quite some time now, but because the circumstances he created he just cannot be a forthgoing fixed member of MAD SIN, and we have to draw our conclusions.

We dissociate ourselves to the full extend from Matt Voodoo's performance there, and all other TV programs of that kind for that matter...
Once again, we are MAD SIN and we will not be bent, used, abused or reprimanded by anybody!

It looks like the next few shows will still take place with him, we do not want to cancel any shows because of this whole affair...

So far so (finally) cool,