Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

Neue Musik von Geoff Rickly

Geoff Rickly (Ex-Thursday, United Nations) hat sieben neue Songs veröffentlicht, die kostenlos heruntergeladen werden können. Rickly kündigte an, weiter Songs zu schreiben und diese in Zukunft ebenfalls kostenlos zu veröffentlichen. Wer gerne für die Musik zahlen möchte, den bittet er um eine Spende an das Rote Kreuz. Geoffs gesamte Nachricht:

Here is the first piece of my solo recordings. It’s called Mixtape 1 and its available for a free download here:
The Mixtape format is meant to be a casual way to try out some new things. There are some brand new songs, along with a cover and a rewrite of one of my oldest favorites. The majority of it was recorded in my apartment in the middle of Hurricane Sandy and the song New Sympathies, in particular, reminds me of those heavy winds and deep waters. 
There are no strings attached, no hidden marketing games. This doesn’t reflect my belief that music should be free or any desire to revolutionize an industry. I just want to do this myself, for now. No art-by-committee, no selling music. Just me & my friends at home, making songs(bedroom songs, songs not too polished up). I’ll keep making more of these and giving them to you when I finish. Maybe someday I’ll make a proper record and sell it. Maybe not. 
If you’re interested, you can “LIKE” the Facebook page or come see me play these songs and more at one of my few house shows or at a date on my tour with Anthony Green. If you feel like you want to pay for this music, please make a donation to the Red Cross. From the volunteering that I’ve been doing, I can tell you they’ve had a visible and well-organized presence. I also have very small runs of Silk Screen posters that I sell 100 hand-numbered & signed copies of. I make one for each song and they usually disappear pretty quickly. Maybe there are a couple left here for Going to Hell
Below, I have all the lyrics and artwork posted(on Facebook and Tumblr) so feel free to take what you want of the music and words. As an added note, My Favorite Blue Raincoat is a response to the Leonard Cohen song, “Famous Blue Raincoat.” The friend that he’s writing to, in the original song, is writing back here. 
I need to thank Don Devore, Brendan Tobin, Brooks Tipton, Tom Keeley and Anthony Green, for helping me to make this and, of course my Thursday and United Nations family. Most of all, this is a big thanks to YOU. For all the years of support and love you’ve given me in my various projects, I want to extend my fondest appreciation. 
Geoffrey William Rickly"