Donnerstag, 14. August 2014

Zum Heimathafen Art Series #1: San Angelus

Eine Veröffentlichung der eher ungewöhnlichen Art gibt es dmenächst von Arctic Rodeo. Das neue Album von San Angelus wird man nämlich in einer sehr spezielle Vinyl-Edition von "Soon We'll All Be Ghosts" auflegen. Das Label schreibt:

Alright folks, this is going to be very extraordinary. We have been working on a very special idea for several weeks, and it is finally becoming reality: In cooperation with our friend Alex who is an amazing artist from Hamburg and owner of Zum Heimathafen and the German mailorder Flight 13, we will from now on do an exclusive first run of our vinyl releases for everyone interested. We call it the ZUM HEIMATHAFEN ART SERIES....

The ZUM HEIMATHAFEN ART SERIES is a strictly limited pre-order series of our vinyl releases available 1-2 months before release. For a certain period of time (around 4 weeks), our vinyl records can be pre-ordered as a strictly limited package including the vinyl release on a special vinyl color plus an exclusive art which is screenprinted and numbered by the hands of our friend Alex from Zum Heimathafen. These limited editions will be made on demand, so once the pre-ordering period of time is over, no more copies will be available. The ZUM HEIMATHAFEN ART SERIES are only available at our webstore and at the German mailorder Flight 13. If you want us to keep you posted about timings and further infos, please feel free to follow us at Twitter or via Facebook. We are very proud to announce the debut album "Soon We'll All Be Ghosts" from SAN ANGELUS to be ZUM HEIMATHAFEN ART SERIES #1.

The pre-order for ZUM HEIMATHAFEN ART SERIES #1 - SAN ANGELUS - "Soon We'll All Be Ghosts" LP+DVD+CD is now up at our webstore and at Flight 13. It will only be available until Sep 12th.

SAN ANGELUS - "Soon We'll All Be Ghosts" pressing info:
·         100 copies on purple/white vinyl
·         200 copies on orange/white vinyl
·         200 copies on purple/orange vinyl (in Europe only available as ZUM HEIMATHAFEN ART SERIES #1)
All copies will include:
·         LP on colored vinyl + 4 page folded insert
·         DVD containing video clips for all album tracks + studio recording documentary + making-of special edition CD feature
·         CD containing all album tracks as wav files and as mp3 files + mp3 label compilation + digital deluxe art booklet

This album featuring members of SPARKMARKER, PELICAN, SHIFT, ÆGES, UNDERTOW, NARROWS, TUSK, LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR, STRAIN and DUST MOTH and has been recorded a while ago already. As soon as we had heard this new band is around and there has been an album finished, we go in touch and figured out there is actually even a lot more going on: The band from California has not only recorded a debut album called "Soon We'll All Be Ghosts" together with Chris Common (THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES) at RedRoom Studios (MASTODON, ISIS, MINUS THE BEAR) in Seattle. These guys have also shot one video clip for each song of the album and have created an impressive art concept for this project.