Montag, 9. Juni 2014

Anti-Flag: Raritäten-Collection bei Fat Wreck

Fat Wreck wird Ende Juli eine Raritäten-Zusammenstellung von Anti-Flag veröffentlichen. Das Label schreibt:
"We’re thrilled to announce that on July 22nd, we’ll be releasing Anti-Flag’s career-spanning collection, A Document of Dissent: 1993-2013. Comprised of 26 tracks, culled from 9 full-length albums spanning six labels, this is the essential Anti-Flag. The real gem, as a music fan, are their insightful and in-depth liner notes. The band illustrates each song’s history and includes a biographical timeline of the band’s history alongside world events and how some of those events inspired classic Anti-Flag songs. Below, watch a video of the band providing a run-down of just what went into this collection."