Montag, 25. Mai 2015

Ignite: Neues Album noch 2015

Ignite haben ihren Vertrag mit Century Media verlängert und bestätigt, dass ein neues Album noch 2015 erscheinen soll. Zudem unterstützt man ab sofort die Brain Tuimor Awareness, siehe Video und folgenden Pressetext:
"Right before heading out for another European tour Orange County outfit IGNITE and Century Media Records are happy to announce that they have renewed their long-time business relationship with IGNITE signing a new worldwide deal with Century Media Records.
Expect a brand new album and follow up to their 2006 album “Our Darkest Days” out before the end of 2015! The yet untitled album was recorded over the course of a year with producer Cameron Webb who didn’t just record “Our Dakest Days” with IGNITE, but also worked with diverse artists such as Motörhead, Social Distortion, Alkaline Trio or Pennywise just to mention a few.
Zoli Teglas (vocals) can already shed some light on some of the topics on the upcoming album such as bullying, the trappings and pitfalls of what some call the progress of today's world, to the mass media and its filtered information that he feels is molded to suit eco political goals for the occupation of natural resources to the oppression of peoples. Zoli also hits upon topics such as racism and prejudice in America and the insanity of war told to him from the stories of hardship and perseverance of his immigrant family while making their journey west through war torn Europe finally ending up in Los Angeles California. Additionally there is a song called „Nothing Can Stop Me” that they have been playing live already. The song is dedicated to a friend of theirs who is fighting a brain tumor."