Mittwoch, 16. April 2014

Madball: Details zum neuen Album

Madball bleiben ihren knappen Alben-Titeln treu - die neue Scheibe wird "Hardcore Lives" heißen und Ende Juni erscheinen. Produziert und gemixt haben Ken Susi (of Unearth) und Zeuss (Hatebreed, Whitechapel). Gastauftritte wird es von Scott Vogel (Terror), Toby Morse (H20) und Candace Puopolo (Walls of Jericho) geben.
Freddy Cricien zur Platte: “I shouted ‘Hardcore Lives’ on Madball’s first release, Ball Of Destruction, – I was twelve then. It wasn’t pre planned or written down… it was an ad-lib that I just threw out there and we kept it! Back then there was no choice really, not the way we were recording – two track live at Don Fury‘s… NYHC style! I feel the sentiment behind the expression still holds true today, maybe even more so. That said, Hardcore Lives at least to us, is not just about a cool ‘catchphrase’ – it’s about that rebellious spirit that doesn’t give in… In life, music, whatever. It’s about growing, evolving, and maintaining your integrity in the process. ”