Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

Defeater: "Bastards"-Stream

Defeater streamen den Song "Bastards" vom neuen Album "Letters Home", das am 19. Juli 2013 erscheinen wird. Das Label schreibt zur Platte:  "These ten new tracks are heavy and haunting, while lyrically poignant and continuing the story of a working class family living in post-WWII America. Letters Home revolves around the father of two brothers that listeners were introduced to in two of Defeater's prior releases (Travels and most recently Empty Days & Sleepless Nights), giving a background to the character and seeing some of the events from those past albums through his eyes. Letters Home is legitimately Defeater's heaviest body of music thus far - featuring powerfully intricate guitar instrumentation, colossal-sounding drums, and vocalist Derek Archambault's voice sounding more ferocious than ever before."