Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2012

Boysetsfire: Album kommt, Robert ist zurück

Gleich eine ganze Reihe interessanter Neuigkeiten gibt es von Boysetsfire. Vergangene Woche hatten sie noch für Wirbel in Fankreisen gesorgt, als sie via Facebook den Ausstieg ihres Drummers Matt Krupanski sowie des Bassisten Marc Krupanski bekannt gaben. Jetzt wurde bestätigt, dass Robert Ehrenbrand zurück in der Band ist. Zudem hat man mit dem Songwriting fürs neue Album begonnen und erste Tourdaten für 2013 erneut bestätigt. Das Statement sowie die Termine gibt es bei einem Klick auf "Weiterlesen".

"Life is about change. You have the choice to embrace that change and use it to fuel personal growth or you  rail against change, bellowing out your frustration, becoming stagnant and finally dying.
We have chosen to embrace change.
We have a new drummer.
Dan Pelic from New Jersey is now playing drums for BoySetsFire. Dan impressed us with his passion and enthusiasm. We are really happy to welcome Dan to the family.

We have new bassists. (what?)
The big news is Robert Ehrenbrand is back playing bass. We missed him and wanted him back.
Long time friend Chris Rakus is also playing bass for us.  Since both are very busy with previous commitments each will be playing live when time permits. This will let us play shows in both the US, Europe and the rest of the world.
Both will contribute to writing and recording our next full-length. Which is what we are doing. We are writing and recording.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the years. We are excited about our future.

15.03.13 DE - Frauenau - Bürgerhalle (Jugendcafé Zwiesel Benefiz)
16.03.13 DE - Frauenau - Bürgerhalle (Jugendcafé Zwiesel Benefiz)
13. - 15.06.13 CH - Interlaken - Greenfield Festival
21. - 23.06.13 DE - Scheessel - Hurricane Festival
21. - 23.06.13 DE - Neuhausen - Southside Festival
27. - 29.06.13 DE - Montabaur - Mair1 Festival
06.07.13 DE - Münster - Vainstream Rockfest