Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2018

Great Collapse spenden Song für IAFDF

Great Collapse (um Strike Anywhere-Sänger Thomas Barnett und aktuelle/ehemalige Mitglieder von Rise Against und Death By Stereo) spenden dem International Anti-Facist Defence Fund (IAFDF) einen neuen Song. Der Benefiz-Song "Atomic Calendar" steht ab sofort auf der tumblr-Website des IAFDF zum Download bereit.
Der Song stammt von dem neuen Album „Neither Washington Nor Moscow… Again!“ (VÖ 26.01.2018, End Hits Records)
Thomas Barnett kommentiert:
“Great Collapse is honored to co-present with the IAFDF the release of this last single before the album drops January 26. “Neither Washington Nor Moscow… Again!” These crucial times call for ideas and actions that step beyond solidarity. This is about mutual aid and support across borders, cultures and conditions to resist hatred and division, and really build a worldwide movement that flexes with conflict, heals its wounds, and learns from its mistakes. "Atomic Calendar" is a song about breathing and listening, but also digging past the noise of false identity and reaction, to build the strength to stand in the breach and help each other through this ragged bottleneck of history. We are anti-fascist because we love this world with all of its beauty and differences, and this culture of community self defense is the way we challenge hatred, violence and viral propaganda-on the streets, in our institutions, and the highest political offices.“