Montag, 9. November 2020

Cuffed Up bei Hassle Records

Hassle Records haben Cuffed Up unter Vertrag genommen. Die Debüt-EP des Quartetts aus der US-Metropole Los Angeles ist ab sofort digital erhältlich, am 12. Februar folgt das Vinyl. Zusätzlich liegt mit einem Cover des ikonischem DEATH-Songs "Politicians In My Eyes" eine neue Single vor, deren Erlöse dem Detroit Justice Centre zugutekommen. 
Die Band dazu: 

“At the time it was released, 'Politicians in my Eyes' was a challenge to the government in place who were sending young racially diverse kids into a war they never wanted. We covered the song because it runs parallel with our disgust and mistrust of everything the current government administration has done and stands for. We love our country and the powers that be are making morally corrupt decisions that we are adamantly against. These were the same feelings that the members of DEATH felt so strongly against when their administration were forcing themselves into the Vietnam war. This is why we chose to cover this song and bring it to the forefront once again as we wade through a tumultuous but pivotal time in the US.”