Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

Alkaline Trio: Details zum neuen Album

Kurz nach der ersten Single haben Alkaline Trio zusätzliche Infos zum kommenden Album veröffentlicht. Die Scheibe wird am 28. März 2013 via Epitaph erscheinen und "My Shame Is True" heißen. "We're very proud of it,” kommentiert Matt Skiba. “Once we got in the studio, the songs really took on a shape of their own.” Und weiter: "It's never been about being rich or famous,” continues Skiba. “We always wanted to have the band be our career… to have that longevity… that should be the goal. We are going to do it until it stops being fun. If it ever feels like a job, why would you be involved in the arts at all? We have the right chemistry as a band and with crowds, big or small. We have community within a community."