Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

Astpai: Van-Unfall

Astpai sind gerade auf US-Tour - und hatten dabei einen Unfall mit ihrem Van. Der Band geht es gut, die Tour selbst war allerdings vorübergehend in Gefahr. Mittlerweile hat man aber Hilfe bekommen:
"Thanks a ton to everyone for sharing the news about our wrecked van! We've had a couple of great offers come in and we feel incredibly taken care of and supported! So, with great excitement I can tell you, that we've found a solution to our misery and will be able to continue our tour as planned! HELL YES!!
Our newfound friend and life saver Dan from the band 'Still Alive' has kindly offered us his ride for all our remaining dates! Thank you so freaking much, dude! We owe you big time!"