Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

Senses Fail im Studio

Das nächste Album von Senses Fail soll den Titel "Pull The Thorns From Your Heart" tragen. Die Band ist derzeit im Studio, um "an album that they believe will be by far their heaviest, most adventurous record to date" aufzunehmen. Produzent ist Shaun Lopez (Far, Deftones, Crosses), und Sänger
Buddy Nielsen kommentiert auf Facebook:
“This album is a continuation of the sound we established on Renacer and builds out of those soundscapes. Lyrically this record is about finding peace and love within yourself through the letting go of habitual patterns of emotional and physical self abuse, finding courage in vulnerability and surrendering to the idea that love is the path to liberation. We are so very lucky to be making music this far into our careers and we cannot wait to share it.”