Mittwoch, 26. November 2014

Bouncing Souls suchen einen Sänger....

Die Bouncing Souls suchen einen neuen Sänger - allerdings nur temporär. Für ihre anstehenden Home for the Holidays-Shows laden sie Fans auf die Bühne, die Nachricht der Band liest sich folgendermaßen:
And a guitar player, and a bass player, and… a drummer!
Are you up for the job?
Can anyone can do what we do? This year at HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, we'd like to put forth the challenge to you, our friends and fans.....

On Friday December 26th we will choose one vocalist to perform a song of his/her choice with the band! On Saturday December 27th we will choose one vocalist and one other person playing the instrument of their choice (guitar, bass, or drums) each to play the song of their choice. On Sunday December 28th we'll choose one vocalist, one guitar player, one bassist, and one drummer (each playing a song of their choice with the rest of the Souls)! Anything is possible!
Please do not "apply" unless you are going to be in attendance on the night of your choice (as well as available to come to soundcheck that afternoon to practice one-time through!). What we need you to do to "try out" is to send us a video or a YouTube link of yourself playing the song of your choice on the instrument of your choice. Also indicate the day you are interested in!
Please send email to the address below by December 10th and we will choose our winners by December 17th: