Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015

Neue Singles von Western Addiction und The Flatliners

Western Addiction und The Flatliners werden beide in kürze eine neue 7" bei Fat Wreck herausbringen. Bei den Flatliners werden sich darauf die Songs  "Resuscitation of the Year" und "Fangs" finden. Chris von den Flatliners dazu:
"Take it from me, there’s nothing better to kick off your 2015 like a song from 2013! But just to spice it up a bit, we’re including an unreleased song from the Dead Language sessions called “Fangs”. It took us almost 2 weeks to decide the fate of “Fangs” back in 2013. Should we keep it on the record? Should we save it for something else? It was without a doubt the toughest call to make overall surrounding Dead Language. And now for your listening pleasure, it’s yours. Loud and gnarly, so crank it up and bang your head. We were also able to work with our good buddy Grey Days who produced some incredible artwork for this double-record-cover 7”. To us, this release is equal parts “Resuscitation of the Year” and “Fangs,” so we wanted to showcase that through the art. Feast your eyes. Feast your ears. Feast your brain."
Western Addiction wiederum werden auf "I’m Not the Man That I Thought I’d Be" drei Stücke packen, der Titelsong stammt vom Fat Music For Fest People IV-Sampler.