Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

Social Distortion: Tour zum 25. Jubiläum

Jetzt also auch Social Distortion: Mike Ness und Co werden auf ihrer kommenden Deutschland-Tour im April das 25-jährige Jubiläum ihres "selbstbetitelten Albums" feiern und dieses komplett spielen, inklusive der Klassiker wie “Story Of My Life,” “Ball and Chain,” “Ring of Fire”,  “Sick Boys” und so weiter.
Mike Ness dazu: "We're all looking forward to Europe. It's a different time frame for us; we're playing Groezrock for the first time, so it's exciting to be doing something new. As I've said before, we've made Europe a priority and I feel we've been consistent over the last ten years on touring there more regularly than ever before. This tour is going to be extra special for us and everyone attending the shows. 2015 is the 25th Anniversary of our self-titled record, so we're going to be playing the album in its entirety. And with Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas and my man Jonny Two Bags warming things up, it's going to be a great run."

Die Daten lesen sich wie folgt:

17.04.2015:Hamburg - Sporthalle
18.04.2015:Bielefeld - Ringlokschuppen
19.04.2015:Berlin - Columbiahalle
21.04.2015:AT-Wien - Gasometer
22.04.2015:München - Zenith
27.04.2015:Offenbach - Stadthalle
28.04.2015:Köln - Palladium
01.05.2015:Groezrock Festival (Belgien)