Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

Real McKenzies: Neues Album im April

Am 7. April will Fat Wreck ein neues Album der Real McKenzies herausbringen. Die Scheibe wird "Rats in the Burlap" heißen, und die Band kommentiert folgendermaßen:
"Ahoy there. On behalf of The Real McKenzies and myself (Paul McKenzie) we are pleased as punch & haggis to announce the release of our latest album Rats in the Burlap. This album is chocked full of new songs that we just know will appeal to all. The lads and I are proud to have completed this latest endeavour along with the help of Little Joe and Fat Mike. With Josh Garcia at the helm and great cover art, we are confident and enthralled to have had the opportunity to have had released another masterpiece. Let the tours begin!!!
Sincerely, Paul"