Dienstag, 24. Januar 2017

Touche Amore: Video zu „Benediction“

Touche Amore haben ein Video Song "Benediction" aus ihrem aktuellen Album "Stage Four" veröffentlicht.
"'Benediction' tells the story of my brother and I driving to Norfolk, Neb., to bury my mother's ashes," schreibt Frontmann Jeremy Bolm. "It's a small farm town north of Omaha. Touché Amoré started our last tour in Nebraska, so I flew out early and made this with Chris Willmore filming and Sean Stout editing. For our final video for Stage Four, I wanted to bring her story home. 'Palm Dreams' represents California and where she raised a family, 'Skyscraper' represented her admiration for New York City and now 'Benediction' gives you an understanding of why she had big city eyes."