Dienstag, 10. April 2018

Zebrahead: Light Up The Sky

Zebrahead haben ein Lyric-Video zu „Light Up The Sky“ online gestellt. Den Song dürften Fans bereits kennen, zum Hintergrund der Veröffentlichung sagt die Band:

"Light Up The Sky, along with 10 other songs, previously appeared as bonus songs on albums, from 2006-2015, in Japan. Finally, with this being an official release, these songs will be available on streaming sites and physical formats outside Japan. To be honest, there are more than a few here that should never have "just been" BONUS SONGS…..at least that’s what I think!?!?

The Bonus Brothers will never be in stores.....Only available online (digital), our merch store (physical) and maybe on tour…..if there is any left??

We are lucky to have so many amazing friends around the world. You have made our dream of touring and playing music a reality. Without your help and support we could never keep the movement alive.

So in advance, thank you for supporting and helping us continue this amazing world wide adventure. Without you guys, there would be NO zebrahead. It is humbling to have such an incredible world wide FAMILY. So thank you…and see you all soon! Cheers!!!"