Montag, 9. Dezember 2019

La Dispute: Remix-Album und Charity-Aktion

La Dispute kündigen einen Remix ihres aktuellen Studioalbums "Panorama" für den 25.12. an. Im Rahmen des jährlich anstehenden Charity Drives gehen zudem die Erlöse aus dem Gesamtkatalog der Band für 24 Stunden an eine gemeinnützige Organisation. Dieses Jahr wird mit The Vera Institut of Justice eine Organisation unterstützt, die sich für die Verbesserung von Justizsystemen einsetzt.
Sänger Jordan Dreyer kommentiert:

"The end result is 'Panorama Remixed', 10 incredible, altogether new versions of songs from our most recent record, created by 10 phenomenally talented artists, available for pay-what-you-can download for 24-hours on the 25th of December, with ALL proceeds to benefit the Vera Institute of Justice’s work toward securing equal justice for all, bolstering communities and families, and ending mass incarceration in the United States. Deepest thanks to the artists for contributing their time and their geniuses to realizing this project for us (I do not feel guilty saying I have been only listening to these songs for some time now, they are more yours than ours), to Epitaph Records, to Will Yip and family for sending out the stems, and to you, most of all and as always, for everything. We are forever most proud of not our own work but in the work our platform has given us the opportunity to do with others and for others in the world. Love to all.“