Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2014

Banner Pilot: Neuer Gitarrist und Groezrock

Neues von Banner Pilot: Die Suche nach einem neuen Gitarristen ist erstmal erfolgreich beendet, zudem plant man den nächsten Europa-Auftritt.
"Good news, we’re now able to confirm that we are definitely heading back to Europe next spring including a stop at Groezrock! Look for show announcements in the weeks to come. We can’t wait to get back over there. Looks like it will be a blend of some of our favorite spots and some brand new countries as well.
We’re also excited to announce that Jeff Matika will be joining us on guitar for this tour! Jeff’s a great dude and is currently the touring guitarist for Green Day. Pretty sure he'll be able to handle a Banner Pilot show. Welcome aboard, Jeff!"