Mittwoch, 11. November 2015

Todd Morse verlässt H20

Mit einer Pressemitteilung hat Todd Morse bekannt gegeben, nicht mehr bei H20 zu spielen und sich stattdessen seinem neuen projekt Toddsplanet widmen zu wollen. Offiziell heißt es:
„ After over 20 years with the influential hardcore-punk band H2O, songwriter and guitarist Todd Morse timed his recent departure with the debut of his most ambitious project to date; TODDSPLANET.

“I grew in a different musical direction. You can’t just fake it in a band like H2O, the fans are so loyal because every song is real and from the heart,” says Morse on exiting the band.
Featuring a danceable rock rhythm section, spirited horn players and a dynamic mix of male and female vocals; TODDSPLANET is a major shift from Morse’s previous track record of gritty punk rock.

““It’s a very soulful kind of vibe,” says Morse, “TODDSPLANET is the first thing I’ve done that’s 100% my dream band […] I like the idea of making people feel less uptight and shaking them out of their shells the way Rock n’ Roll did when it first hit.”