Montag, 12. Oktober 2015

No Use For A Name: All The Best Songs

Mit „All The Best Songs“ wird Fat Wreck im Dezember ein Best-Of-Album von No Use For A Name veröffentlichen. Das gab es im Grunde schon vor ein paar Jahren, allerdings wurde es jetzt mit Stücken vom letzten Studio-Album ergänzt – und wird zudem auch auf Vinyl erscheinen. Fat Wreck schreibt:
No Use for a Name, a cornerstone band of Fat Wreck Chords, needs no introduction. Back in 2007, we compiled All the Best Songs, a collection of tunes commemorating the band’s illustrious career up to that point. Since that time, of course, the band came to an end after the tragic passing of their singer and songwriter, Tony Sly, but not before releasing what would be their final album, the resurgent and critically acclaimed The Feel Good Record of the Year. 

So in order to fully encapsulate the band’s career on FAT, All the Best Songs has been thoughtfully updated to include tracks from that 2008 album. With brand new artwork and massive photo collages, All the Best Songs is now the definitive NUFAN collection. Additionally, All the Best Songs will be getting its vinyl debut, so be sure to check back as we’ll announce the pre-order soon!