Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

NOFX: Autobiographie kommt

Im April 2016 werden NOFX ihre Autobiographie namens „The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories“  veröffentlichen – inklusive einem Vorwort von Billy Joe Armstrong. Die offizielle Buchbeschreibung lautet:

NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories is the first tell-all autobiography from one of the world's most influential and controversial punk bands. Alongside hilarious anecdotes about pranks and drunkenness and teenage failures-featuring the trademark NOFX sense of humor-the book also shares the ugliness and horror the band members experienced on the road to becoming DIY millionaires. Fans and non-fans alike will be shocked by stories of murder, suicide, addiction, counterfeiting, riots, bondage, terminal illness, the Yakuza, and pee.